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JP SUP 2024 Foil Slate
JP SUP 2024 Foil Slate
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Brand: JP Australia

€1,499 €1,259


The FOIL SLATE is a top choice of the riders and the most flexible board in the market at the same time! For this reason, our shape was awarded the “SUP Paddlesports of the Year 2020” at the PaddleExpo, the biggest trade fair of paddle sports in the world. Werner Gnigler created this great shape for those who wanted to have an all-in-one water sports board.

Stabilità, velocità e reattività sono i principali punti di forza delle Foil Slates. Usa la velocità extra per planare su sezioni piatte dell'onda o per colpire il labbro con tutta la potenza.

Starboard 2021 Foil Surf V2
Starboard 2021 Foil Surf V2
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Brand: Starboard



The second-generation Foil Surf range is the result of extensive testing and development between designer Clinton Filen and athletes Zane Schweitzer and Benoit Carpentier. Short lengths make it incredibly easy to travel with, combined together with foil and foil wing options. Available in 4 sizes for different rider weights and skill levels. Shorter lengths are more manoeuvrable, longer sizes make it easier to paddle into waves.

AK 2020 Foil V2 Freeride
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Brand: Airush

€1,319 €264

Ideal for intermediate riders at a moderate speed. Kite rear X-Wing configuration for stability and maneuverability. 825cm2 Freeride front wing. The smaller wing takes a bit more power to get going but allows a higher top-end speed. At the same time the longer mast gives you more time to react when at speed and the additional clearance for the rear wing when set “tips up” for increased control.

Brand: Neilpryde

€2,199 €1,847


Experience the ultimate freedom on the water with the brand-new Glide Swift Carbon - the perfect all-round foil for winging! The innovative rounded delta middle section and unique high aspect wings provide early, and easy lift combined with maximum glide performance and speed. The Glide Swift Carbon is the perfect choice for EVERYONE, from beginners to experts.