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Starboard Foil SuperCruiser...
Starboard Foil SuperCruiser...
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Brand: Starboard

€1,999 €1,719

SuperCruiser Carbon

Our all-time number #1 selling foil. Maneuverable, smooth and super fun, it's also our easiest foil ever. The 1700cm² front wing gives the sensation of floating on air and allows you to take-off before reaching planing speeds. The long 87cm fuselage offers extra stability and power. Choose this foil if you want to foil in the lightest winds, make foil-jibes and 360s as easy as possible and foil with smaller sails.

Brand: Neilpryde

€2,199 €880

Racing on the surface!

The FLIGHT F4 EVO foil is a Formula 1 racing beast from our range. This evolution was designed in collaboration with F4 USA. FLIGHT F4 EVO features a full carbon pre-preg construction. With an extended last length, FLIGHT F4 EVO offers improved upwind / downwind performance and a more comfortable ride. The new tail stabilizer with precise connection and adjustable opening angle, greatly increases stability, especially noticeable when weirdo.