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We are the only one School of Water Sportsaccredited by the Municipality of Rome Capital - X Municipality. Discover all the A.S.D. of the Roman coast.

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Our ASD is a School recognized by the Ministry of SPORT and HEALTH for water sports and training of athletes on Windsurf, SUP as well as Drifts and WING.

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Hello RIDER!

The Tsunami Surfing School, the only local school for Windsurfing and SUP Ostia, welcomes you. We hope that we will soon become friends maybe just greeting us on the beautiful waves that cheer our marine spot.

Enhance your watersports knowledge!

Subscribe to our lessons and you can learn all the secrets of WINDSURF, WING and SUP. We offer training for all levels through the support of qualified and prepared instructors to handle any request.

Whether you are beginner o intermediate, through our courses you will learn maneuvers such: STRAMBATA, BEACH START, WATER START and more others.
We pay special attention to the training for KIDS as they are the next generation who will live in the future of this unique sport.

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A school equipped for safety and equipment. Areas reserved for your relax during the couses.

Posted by admin on 12 Aprile, 202132537

Reserved Areas for the courses: with classroom lectures under shade, windsurfing simulator for the first maneuvers, reserve water with access exclusively for our students. Your safety first in everything to guarantee you the best learning.

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Our instructors at your side throughout all the training course.

Posted by admin on 18 Febbraio, 202138250

With our instructors, nothing is left to chance; they will follow in any situation by explaining, step by step, how to perform a maneuver or how to running on the waves. Children will find their availability equal to that of a great friend met at the beach during vacation.

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Individual basic WING lesson.

Posted by admin on 01 May, 202229755

At our school we have created the "WING FOR YOU" section to suit every level of WING learning.
Beginners or newbies? No problem we will make you free to use the WING in any sea or wind conditions. Give it a try and you won't regret it.

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Advanced WING FOIL lesson.

Posted by admin on 22 August, 202219285

By reservation, selecting medium / strong wind days, "WING ADVANCED" lessons for expert level of learning with foilWING.
Need to evolve? Choose these lessons for your first flights so you can use the WING in any sea or wind conditions. you will regret.

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