Leave your equipment to us

Our school has protected areas where you can leave your equipments safely. Board, sail, boom, mast, and more would not want to take forever hereafter, will now have a "place" where to stay.

thanks to night surveillance and the presence of cameras(always active with recording on external servers) can sleep soundly thinking that, in a day of sudden wind, you can go out to sea in two seconds.

Safe and protected storage areas-surveillance.

Nothing is more precious than your gear, windsurfers we know it well! Hence our solutions for each of you, is manageable for the time that type of equipment

large areas for rinsing board and rig with drying in the sun.

Do not let it ruin your rig. These expensive "toys" needs a lot of care. At our school there are areas to rinse mounted sails and boards such as SUP huge.

Cabin for set up to accommodate your belongings.

Want to leave the lycra, trapeze, and more accompanies your releases? No problem, there are cabins! Positioned near the areas sciaquo, you will always have an eye on the place where they are kept.

Places limited, book in time!

Book time is about ensuring the space in which to let your gear. We have solutions for any period and equipments. Seasonal, bi-monthly, monthly, weekly and daily. Ask the staff of the school to other types.