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JP 2023 Super Sport LXT
JP 2023 FreakFoil

JP 2023 Super Lightwind

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JP Australia

Almost no board planes as early AND effortlessly as JP’s Super Lightwind. Since its introduction in 2011 it has occupied an almost unrivalled position in the market as one of the only dedicated light wind machines in any brand’s range! Planing in almost no wind and reaching top speed immediately, it rides comfortably, smoothly and incredibly easily for its size.

Manufacture: LXT
Volume: 166


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No need for foiling !

JP releases the 5th shape generation of this unique board design and like its predecessors, it benefits from the shape evolutions of the Slalom and Super Sport board – and this time also from the HydroFoil performance boards, too! Consequently, this newcomer is JP’s hottest toy ever for all light wind days, no matter if you plan to set up the board with fin or foil.

You have to try it to believe how much fun you can have in almost no wind: Light wind blasting!

The first priority on Shaper Werner Gnigler’s design brief was to combine outstanding early planing performance with an electrifying sensation and a user friendly ride.

To achieve this, the outline was updated: The board got slightly longer resulting in a much smoother outline curve for a smooth and effortless transition from non-planing to planing.

Another consequence of this is that the rider benefits from a more comfortable, parallel stance and the power is distributed evenly from both legs onto the rail. For a board this size, the shape feels small and alive under your feet, yet is much easier to control than previous models. Definitely a highlight of this new shape!

The easy ride and control also show in the board’s gybing ability. Not only does the outline take credit for improved maneuverability, but the rail shape also became thinner and smoother. This new rail shape – especially noticeable in the rear – allows for perfect stance and comfort in all of the various options of footstrap placements, perfectly suited for fin and foil use.

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